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4.2.2016 ShelterBox Rotaractien vieraana

4.2.2016 ShelterBox Rotaractien vieraana
Tapio Vihersaari esitteli ShelterBoxin toimintaa Helsingin Rotaractklubille.

Tässä vierailun kuvaus Helsingin Rotaractklubin sivuilta (https://rotaracthelsinki.wordpress.com/)

On Thursday the 4th of February we had the pleasure of having Tapio Vihersaari from Rotary club of Lahti telling us about the international cooperation that Rotary has with Shelter box.

Shelter Box is a brilliant idea of having a box that has all the necessary things  that a family might need after a natural or a man-made disaster hits. The box contains a tent for the family as well as sheets and blankets, kitchenware, water filtering system, mosquito net, an oven, some basic tools and a kit for the kids etc.

Shelter box is based largely on fundraising and voluntary work. They monitor the current disaster situation in the world so that they are ready to act immediately. Sending the boxes around the world to the affected areas requires a high level of organization and logistics. To be able to help the people affected, it is important to collaborate with other aid organizations on site.

Shelter box works on the disaster sites through 2-member teams that hand pick families to receive the boxes. Shelter Box has been present in numerous areas in distress such as Paraguay because of intense flooding, Greece due to the refugee crisis, Nepal after the earthquake and North Korea because of flooding and a typhoon.

We were very pleased that Tapio was able to make it to our meeting and to give his interesting presentation about Shelter Box! Thank you!

You can read more about shelter box on:



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